Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Well Soon Patrice & Ralphie

As many of you may know, two of our comedy brethren have fallen ill recently.

Patrice O'Neal, who most recently killed at the cleanup spot on the Charlie Sheen Roast, suffered a stroke and is currently in the hospital with an uncertain prognosis. Patrice came out of the Boston comedy scene and was a Comedy Cellar guy. He regularly performed on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and had a part as a warehouse worker on The Office. He is a true comedian and we wish him a speedy recovery. If you want to send well wishes, you can do so at

You probably know Ralphie May from Last Comic Standing. He should have won the first season, but somehow Dat Phan beat him. In the long run, Ralphie has shown he is one of the greats. Ralphie recently wound up in the hospital with double pneumonia and a blood clot in his lungs. According to his twitter feed, he was close to death, but is doing better now. Keep abreast of his situation at @Ralphie_May on twitter.

Please Patrice and Ralphie in your thoughts and prayers.